by Juliet Sealy on 25 July 2014

It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon in February, I was with a less than perfect client and it happened.  I knew the time had finally arrived to say goodbye to the old business and hello to the new.  It has been quite an exhilarating journey, but at long last I can say, welcome to my new business.  This time it is a real reflection of me.  Actually, it’s more than that, a bit like the phoenix of Greek mythology (the old me) CalmFocusPA and regenerated into (the new me) Admin Actionary; my new vibrant brand that feels like me – my new beginning in my business evolution.

I knew something had to change so I took action hence the move from CalmFocusPA to Admin Actionary, that’s me.  In the beginning back in 2011 making the decision to become self-employed was the scariest thing I had ever done, but the best decision I ever made (wish I had done it earlier).  Creating CalmFocusPA was like a stepping stone, it is something I will always be proud of, but it never felt it was really me.  I now passionately realise that rather than creating something unique, I had done the opposite.  CalmFocusPA had become like a badly fitted dress that looked good on the hanger but in truth was a bad fit.  The dress absolutely had to go!

Recognising the time had come for me to change and then processing my change are two completely different things.   There was no way I could contemplate such a journey singlehandedly, I needed someone to accompany and support my business vision.  I had tried business coaching some time ago, but found it too prescriptive.  I have since realised that business coaches are not all the same; like clothing, the right outfit not only looks good, but leaves you feeling fantastic.  Fortunately, I discovered intuitive coaching and found the right person to join me on my journey of change to help my business evolve and grow me as a person.  Change grew out of meaningful insights and fantastic realisations about me.

In summary, the journey was really fun and revealing.  Realising how brilliant support was for me, empowered me to want to support others, hence Admin Actionary.  It does what it says on the tin.  I support small business by doing admin because that is what I am passionate about.

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