Business Operational Support

Support with the day to day running of your business

Business Operational Support

Virtual Office

What I do is develop an online environment enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently with me alongside you. How I do this is by creating ‘virtual office’ where depending your needs we can share diaries, contacts, emails and files.

Online File Management

What I do is create online environment for you to locate your files easily and quickly.

Technical Advisory (Software support)

Purchased new software and struggling to use it? Pass it over to me and I will provide you with instructions on how it works.

Software Co-ordination & Updates

What I do is make sure your software is up-to-date

Book-keeping administration

Carrier bags full of receipts. What I do is put your receipts in order ready for your tax returns or in a format preferred by your accountant.

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“You are what you do. It’s about actions.” ~ Bill Maher