Time Planning Support

Giving you back the time to really take your business forward

What do I do, well I manage the distractions that stop you from focussing on your business – you know the essential day-to-day stuff that can leave you in a pickle if left unchecked.  How do I do that, by creating a virtual office where we share diaries and emails.

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow words on blackboard

Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation Handling

I work with you and help you schedule your meetings and appointments and send reminders either 24 or 48 hours ahead of time.

Task Co-ordination

Tasks – those jobs you know who need to do, that sometimes get left behind.  We work together to figure out priorities and then schedule those priorities into your action list.  I then become your task master to help you achieve those priorities.

Travel Scheduling

Simply what I do is plan and organise your travel needs.  We sit down and decide what you need to do, where you need to be and at what budget; and then magically I make it happen for you.

Plus more …

What have you go to lose …

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Call Juliet on 07969 920271 or email Juliet@AdminActionary.co.uk

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” -Unknown